5 Things the Anti-Aging Industry Won’t Tell You - Wall Street Journal

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5 Things the Anti-Aging Industry Won’t Tell You
Wall Street Journal
With the anti-aging industry raking in over $261 billion in the last year, there’s never been a better time to get smart about what you’re putting on your body.

Austin Grady's insight:

The  Anti-Aging industry won’t tell you these things.  Age-Reversal coaches  will.

1. We don’t profit from your insecurities. Our business depends on your successful results!

2.  Certified Age-Reversal Coaches do have specialized training in all the areas that we coach.

3. We do not prescribe drugs. All of the holistic products we recommend are backed with clinical trials, testimonials and in several cases our personal experience.

4. Our role as coach gives you confidence that the practices and products we recommend are safe and effective.

5. We help our clients create a personally “doable” age-reversal lifestyle that prevents disease, supports longevity and maximizes fulfillment!

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After Fifty Living: Single, female, retired and barely hanging on

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Female baby boomers shattered glass ceilings and enrolled in colleges that shut out their mothers. They took pills to control how many babies they wou…

Austin Grady's insight:

Last week I read a statistic that stated that by age 65,  98% of the population is either dead or broke. If we could shift those numbers slightly so that 10% of people born between 1946 and 1964 are alive and financially well by their 65th birthday, then there would be 6,230,000 more people in this country who are making a positive contribution rather than requiring support.

The plight of female  baby boomers strikes a nerve because as an Age-Reversal Coach, my mission is to help people age on their own terms by empowering them with their health, their relationships, their work or career and their finances. Recent breakthroughs in science have made it possible for people to live longer and healthier lives. Also, there are proven laws governing wealth that will make anyone who follows them financially independent and free in a few years. I believe that most people want to be healthy and financially free at age 65. But desire is not enough. In most cases, people will need to change some aspect of their behavior to make their desire a reality.

"Single, female retired and barely hanging on" does not have to be the future.  Boomer women can "Age on their Own Terms"

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Experts reveal simple five step health plan to slash dementia risk …

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FIVE golden rules for a healthy life are the key to beating dementia, ground-breaking research reveals.

Austin Grady's insight:

One of the biggest fears that many people have about getting older is the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia. What is really scary is there is no cure. This study reveals five simple steps to lower the risk and possibly prevent the disease. The research found the five measures to stave off dementia. They are:

 Taking regular exercise

 Not smoking

 Keeping a low body weight

 Eating a healthy diet

Having a low alcohol intake

It is no surprise that these same lifestyle suggestions are prominent features of any science-based age-reversal program.  Knowing what needs to be done is not enough. Individuals who want to lead a long, healthy and productive life actually need to make changes in order to experience the benefits. Supporting those who want to adopt a longevity lifestyle is the role of Age-Reversal Coaches. We do not have enough trained and certified coaches to connect and empower those who have the need and desire to make these changes but require assistance in altering their lifestyle. I can use some help.

If you are interested in helping to fill the need, please download this Free E-Book today.

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A Basic Understanding of Age-Reversal or Anti-Aging

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Coach Austin Grady’s Blog on the Age-Reversal Coach Certification Program which trains Life Coaches to empower Baby Boomers for the best time of their lives!

Austin Grady's insight:

This latest blog post clears up some of the misconceptions about Anti-Aging and Age-Reversal. The idea of making choices that help you look and feel younger is simple but there is a lot of new science  that is changing old beliefs about the best ways to do that.

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Over 50, Out of Work: Retirement seen as impossible dream - Dailyrecord.com

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Over 50, Out of Work: Retirement seen as impossible dream
Mike Tetto of Morris Plains works for a major corporation by day and pumps gas at a Parsippany BP on Route 202 at night. Parsippany, NJ.

Austin Grady's insight:

Financing a vision for the second half of life is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of age-reversal coaching.  Helping clients find the time and energy to explore possibilities is a challenge. However,  discipline and persistence  can transform a bleak outlook into a life of passionate contribution and financial security. Meaningful work and adequate finances are as important to age-reversal as a healthy lifestyle and and a strong social network.

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Severe depression linked to increased aging process

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People suffering from major depressive disorder may experience an accelerated aging process of ‘several years,’ compared with those who do not have depression, new study shows.

Austin Grady's insight:

This study compares the aging process with people who are severely depressed with the aging process of healthy people. Intuitively we suspect that being depressed will age you faster , we now have the science to prove it. What is remarkable in this study are the links depression has to  diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease,. All of these diseases can be prevented or controlled with an Age-Reversal lifestyle… the same lifestyle that can lighten severe depression.

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Do older adults need less sleep? - ABC Online

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Do older adults need less sleep?
ABC Online
Most of us have heard that we need less sleep as we age. So when older people spend hours awake in the middle of night or wake before the sun comes up, they tend to accept it as a normal part of ageing.

Austin Grady's insight:

One of the key indicators that your age reversal practices are working is getting higher quality sleep. Your cells’ need for rest doesn’t diminish even though factors that interrupt that the rest can increase with age. Get a good nights sleep; wake up refreshed and you will look and feel younger. The cells of your body need quality nutrition, hydration, respiration, elimination and relaxation for optimal health. Increasing the quality of any one of these factors will have a rejuvenating effect on the body. Here are some excellent suggestions for getting the sleep that you need.

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11 Sneaky Ways Companies Get Rid Of Older Workers

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Forbes Older workers are still suffering in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Austin Grady's insight:

The coaching conversation about creating multiple streams of income to minimize financial stress is part of the discussion about setting age-reversal goals with new clients. Setting up those income streams takes time.  Here are some safeguards to make sure that a current employer does not  take that time away from you. 

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5 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Around The World - Huffington Post

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Huffington Post
5 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Around The World
Huffington Post
From brushing your hair 100 times, to drinking a gallon of water a day to plump up your skin — we’ve all heard anti-aging advice from our mothers and grandmothers.

Austin Grady's insight:

These  anti-aging beauty tips are all valid, backed by research and worthy of consideration. Feel free to try them for yourself!

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Look Ten Years Younger by Drinking Water - One Woman’s Story …

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She wrote that her “skin completely changed and she looks 10 years younger,” since she increased her water intake from three glasses per day to 3 liters. Which is about 101 ounces or almost 13 glasses of water everyday.

Austin Grady's insight:

Frequently I hear about how expensive it is to follow age-reversal techniques. I don’t argue about the extra cost of organic foods or toxin-free  beauty products. This is one secret that anyone can afford. Up your intake of water daily for a few weeks and you will look and feel younger. Period. No disclaimers. Regardless of your age now. Seriously ! Experiment for  with  drinking  more water every day for a few weeks. You will like your results!  Oh for those of you concerned about going to the bathroom too often - give it a few days. Your body will get used to being hydrated and it will not be an issue!

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